Proliferating EV Charging at Fuel Pumps – Implications Analyzed for Energy Investors


The article discusses traditional fuel retailers like Indian Oil, HPCL, BPCL, and Shell setting up electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at over 10,000 fuel outlets pan-India to address range anxiety as EV adoption accelerates.

Analysis for layperson:

OEMs refer to automotive original equipment manufacturers. CNG refers to compressed natural gas used as cleaner automotive fuel. Transition to electric mobility is expanding globally from environmental sustainability and energy security perspectives. This threatens demand for conventional fuels like petrol and diesel. However, setting up EV charging outlets allows incumbent fuel retailers to adapt their infrastructure towards new energy forms and tap evolving mobility demand. The government is also urging state-owned oil marketing companies to set up EV infrastructure for faster mainstream adoption to meet the country’s decarbonization goals.

Proliferating EV Charging at Fuel Pumps

Original Analysis:

The expansion of the EV charging network by fuel retailers signals their aim to pivot with mobility shifts by leveraging existing real estate and customer access. While near-term demand for petrol/diesel will continue, increased EV penetration over longer terms requires adapting. Providing charging dovetails with their core energy delivery competencies while also fetching additional revenue streams via convenience stores, food outlets opened at charging points enhancing experience.

For investors, it limits stranded asset risks for oil & gas majors from demand declines. Auto OEMs also benefit as range anxieties alleviate, aiding EV sales. Power distributors witness incremental growth from EV energy needs. Charge point operators like Tata Power, plug-making companies also gain. Battery manufacturers are boosted by likely demand growth over longer terms.

However, PSU fuel retailers need a governance overhaul to thrive amid competition. Focus is also needed on renewable energy procurement by these outlets for charging to limit grid pressures. Choices between AC Charging, Battery Swapping models remain key.


Incumbent oil & gas players’ foray into EV charging demonstrates their adaptive outlook amid mobility transitions. This aids mainstream EV adoption while limiting stranded assets risks.


Choudhary, Sanjeev. “Now, 10,000 Fuel Pumps Offer EV Charging Points.” The Economic Times, 8 Dec.

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