OTT Regulation Bill Pitch Echoes in India


India’s telco lobby COAI has advocated adoption of principles similar to a US Congressional bill that requires mega internet platforms to subsidize broadband network costs, easing consumer pricing.

Analysis for a Layman:

A newly introduced bill aims to make hugely profitable social media, video streaming, e-commerce giants like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon pay into a federal US program that gives telecom carriers subsidies to expand rural internet connectivity.

COAI feels India should also legally mandate such top digital platforms, termed ‘edge service providers’, to shell out money to help telecom operators maintain and upgrade connectivity infrastructure for cheaper consumer data. This long-pending demand if accepted can alleviate financial stress of loss-making telcos here.

OTT Regulation Bill Pitch Echoes in India

Original Analysis:

The COAI’s call aligns with sentiments across global democracies that Big Tech needs more regulation, as their disruptive reach permeates socio-economic fabrics while profiting from public internet resources. Mandating funding support can improve internet affordability.

However, delicate balances are necessary so obligations don’t significantly hurt tech innovation ecosystems or business models still evolving. India specifically needs nuanced policies factoring investments behind digital public goods and level-playing field for emerging ventures viz. foreign incumbents.

Impact on Retail Investors:

For investors, such policy reforms may moderate profitability of Indian arms of established tech giants like Google, Meta if new funding liabilities arise eroding margins.

In contrast, telecom stocks may witness positive triggers given potential revenue contributions easing 5G investment burdens. However, excessive state protections can backfire eroding efficiency incentives long term.

Impact on Industries:

Profitable internet enterprises face additional regulatory uncertainty posing risks to investor outlook. Younger startups also fear copycat fund extraction policies hindering their fledgling models.

However, measures improving internet access by optimal use of oligopolistic tech profits may boost digital adoption and commerce across agriculture, education, and other grassroots sectors.


Lobby group COAI’s call for Indian adoption of a US Congressional bill directing Big Tech’s telecom infrastructure funding contribution requires balanced stakeholder consultations first. Overregulation risks hurting innovation ecosystems while under-regulation leaves pressing issues unaddressed. Consensus and nuance are vital for optimal digital economy policymaking.

Citation: PTI. “Take Cue from Proposed US Bill on Charging Big Apps: COAI.” The Economic Times, 11 Dec

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