Nifty Bullish, May Touch 22400 Soon

Bullish Technical Indicators for Nifty

Source: Original analysis by ET Bureau, published on January 15, 2024.

Analysis for Layman

Technical analysts have identified bullish chart patterns in the Nifty index, suggesting a potential rise towards the 22,400 level. This positive trend comes after the Nifty broke above the 21,800 barrier, which had previously limited its upside. Sectors such as IT, pharma, energy, and select midcap stocks are supporting this uptrend. However, concerns arise from the underperformance of banking stocks compared to the broader market.

Top-performing stocks like Infosys, Airtel, RIL, and Tata Consumer exhibit bullish chart formations, signaling potential outperformance. Analysts recommend a staggered buying approach to mitigate risks associated with profit-taking declines if momentum stalls.

Nifty Bullish, May Touch 22400 Soon

Impact on Retail Investors

The optimistic technical outlook for Nifty aligns with the positive sentiment in early 2023 after a weaker performance the previous year. Retail investors can consider accumulating quality stocks with an 18-24 month perspective during any temporary declines due to profit-booking or global risk-off episodes. Sectors such as midcap IT, housing finance, utilities, telecom, and selective PSUs appear well-positioned for ongoing recovery trends.

Investors are advised to avoid overexposure based solely on current momentum or chart patterns. Maintaining a balanced portfolio with a mix of cyclical and defensive bets is crucial. Systematic accumulation, regardless of short-term market movements, is recommended, especially with the positive technical backdrop.

Impact on Industries

The technical breakout in benchmark indices, driven by bullish structures in IT, energy, utilities, and PSUs, has implications for related sectors:

  • Software Services: Strong performance in midcap IT suggests a robust order pipeline and potential gains during the busy season.
  • Energy & Utilities: Confirmation of previous uptrends indicates a positive outlook for rising power demand in the upcoming summer season.
  • Infrastructure & Construction: Continued momentum in government capex and PSU investments bodes well for engineering and capital goods firms.
  • Banking: Prolonged underperformance compared to other sectors raises concerns due to growth and asset quality risks.

While the observations of technical analysts validate optimism for public investments-supported sectors, the lack of corresponding enthusiasm in financials suggests caution within the cyclical universe. Investors need a balanced approach, even when capitalizing on positive momentum in specific areas.

Long Term Benefits & Negatives


  • Secular Uptrend: A strong structural foundation established over the past 15 years indicates a positive outlook for the next growth phase.
  • Retail Investor Leadership: Leadership by retail investors through domestic mutual funds provides a valuation cushion during overseas downturns.
  • Robust Domestic Consumption: Strong domestic consumption dynamics support growth potential above emerging market averages.


  • Inflation Risks: Risks associated with inflation leading to quicker-than-expected demand moderation and earnings downgrades.
  • Global Fund Flow Shifts: Shifts in global fund flows may affect risk appetite if the US dollar strengthens or recession risks in the US rise.

Despite these concerns, India’s strong relative positioning is expected to outweigh transient headwinds. Retail investors are advised to focus on quality picks across domestic cyclicals and secular growth stories for inflation-adjusted returns over the coming decade, rather than relying solely on extrapolated chart patterns.

Short Term Benefits & Negatives


  • Sustained Momentum in IT Services: Bullish midcap activity and strong order pipelines suggest that IT services may maintain momentum.
  • Uptrend in Capex-Heavy Sectors: Sectors with high budget allocations, such as industrials, capital goods, and cement, may continue their uptrend.


  • Banking Underperformance: Underperformance in the banking sector leaves room for earnings downgrades if growth and asset quality pressures rise.
  • High Beta Names Vulnerability: High beta names in broader markets may face sell-offs triggered by global risk-off events, such as dollar spikes or recessionary pressures.

In summary, investors should consider the constructive technical signals as an opportunity to accumulate select sectors. Staggered buying is advisable, even with positive index uptrend observations. A balanced core portfolio is crucial, and investors should remain cautious, especially in the face of external risks.

Companies Impacted by Potential Nifty 50 Bullish Rally

Indian Companies:


  • IT Companies: Infosys (NSE: INFY), Tech Mahindra (NSE: TECHM), Wipro (NSE: WIPRO), LTI Mindtree (NSE: LTIMT), L&T Technology (NSE: LTTS): Analysts see further upside for IT stocks, suggesting potential continuation of the recent rally. This could be driven by positive global sentiment and continued strength in the midcap IT sector.
  • Housing Finance Companies: LIC Housing Finance (NSE: LICHF), Aptus Value Housing Finance (NSE: APPTUS): The article notes a breakout in the customized housing finance index, indicating potential momentum in this sector. LIC Housing Finance and Aptus are highlighted as potential outperformers.
  • Other Mentioned Companies: Bharti Airtel (NSE: BHARTIARTL), Cipla (NSE: CIPLA), Aditya Birla Capital (NSE: ABCL), Canara Bank (NSE: CANBANK), Indian Oil Corporation (NSE: IOC), Reliance Industries (NSE: RELIANCE): Analysts recommend these companies based on technical setups suggesting short-term trading opportunities.


  • Nifty 50 Index: All three analysts expect a potential test of the 22,400 level over the near term, though the pace might be gradual due to bank underperformance. This suggests overall positive sentiment for the broader market.


  • Bank Nifty: While Nifty is expected to rise, analysts express concern about the underperformance of the Bank Nifty (NSE: BANKNIFTY). This could put pressure on broader market gains if banks don’t decisively cross the 48,400 resistance level.

Global Companies:


  • Foreign Investors: A potential Nifty rally could attract further foreign investment into Indian equities, benefiting the overall market sentiment.
  • Global IT Companies: If the Indian IT sector rally continues, it could positively impact global IT giants with exposure to the Indian market, like Cognizant Technology Solutions (NASDAQ: CTSH) and Accenture (NYSE: ACN).


  • Overall Global Market: The analysis focuses primarily on the Indian market. Global market sentiment will likely be influenced by various factors beyond the Nifty’s performance.

Market Sentiment:

Overall, the news article suggests a bullish outlook for the Nifty 50 with potential near-term gains. However, underperformance in Bank Nifty and uncertainties regarding the pace of the rally create some caution. Investors should monitor individual company performance and broader market indicators alongside technical analysis to make informed decisions.

Please note that this analysis is based on the information provided and should not be considered financial advice.

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