NBFCs Likely to See Moderate Growth in FY24: Implications for Retail Investors and Industries

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This analysis explores the recent news article on the expected moderate growth of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in FY24, the implications for retail investors, and the potential impact on various industries. It provides insights into the factors influencing NBFC growth, identifies industries that may be affected, and offers recommendations for retail investors.

In a recent news article published by CRISIL Ratings, it is predicted that India’s Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) will experience moderate growth of 16-18% in the current fiscal year (FY24). This projection is attributed to the slower expansion of unsecured retail loans resulting from regulatory measures implemented by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). However, despite this moderation, the Assets Under Management (AUM) of NBFCs are expected to grow by a healthy 14-17% next fiscal year. This analysis will evaluate the implications of this news for retail investors, discuss the industries that may be impacted, and provide recommendations for investors based on this information.

Implications for Retail Investors:

The expected moderation in NBFC growth has important implications for retail investors. As unsecured retail loans, the fastest-growing segment in the NBFC AUM, are likely to experience slower growth due to regulatory measures, retail investors need to recalibrate their investment strategies. Diversification in product offerings and funding profiles will be crucial for NBFCs’ growth strategy. Retail investors should consider the impact of these regulatory measures on the performance and growth potential of NBFCs when making investment decisions.

Industries Impacted by the News:

1. Housing Finance Companies (HFCs): The home loan segment, driven by HFCs’ focus on affordable home loans, is expected to report steady growth. However, the regulatory measures may affect the growth of HFCs’ unsecured loan portfolios, which should be considered by investors.

2. Vehicle Finance Companies: The vehicle finance segment is expected to grow steadily, supported by solid underlying-asset sales. Retail investors should monitor the impact of regulatory measures on the growth of this sector.

3. Banking Sector: The increase in bank loan borrowing costs for NBFCs, estimated to be 25-50 bps, may impact the balance sheets of NBFCs. This could indirectly affect banks that provide funding to NBFCs. Retail investors should assess the potential impact on banking stocks and their investment portfolios.

List of Public Companies and Industries Affected:
1. HDFC Ltd (Industry: Housing Finance): As one of the largest housing finance companies in India, HDFC Ltd may be impacted by the regulatory measures affecting unsecured retail loans.

2. Bajaj Finance Ltd (Industry: Non-Banking Finance): Bajaj Finance, a leading NBFC, may experience slower growth in the unsecured loan segment due to the regulatory measures.

3. State Bank of India (Industry: Banking): As a major lender to NBFCs, the increase in bank loan borrowing costs may influence the stock price and financial performance of State Bank of India.


The projected moderation in NBFC growth in FY24 due to regulatory measures will have implications for retail investors and various industries. Retail investors should consider diversifying their investment portfolios and closely monitor the impact of regulatory measures on the performance of NBFCs, HFCs, vehicle finance companies, and the banking sector. Companies like HDFC Ltd, Bajaj Finance Ltd, and State Bank of India may be influenced by these developments. By staying informed and making informed investment decisions, retail investors can navigate the changing landscape of the NBFC sector.

Author(s): PTI
Title of work: “NBFCs likely to see assets growth moderating to 16-18 pc in FY24: CRISIL”
Date of publication: November 22, 2023
Publisher: The Economic Times
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