MobiKwik Board Clears `880-cr Public Issue

MobiKwik’s Second Attempt at $880 Million IPO: Analysis for a Layman

Source and Citation: Excerpts from ET Bureau Article Published on January 4th, 2024, detailing MobiKwik’s board approval for an $880 million IPO.

Analysis for a Layman

MobiKwik, an Indian fintech company specializing in digital payments and financial services, has gained formal approval from its board to raise approximately 880 crore rupees (or $880 million) through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This marks their second attempt at listing on Indian stock exchanges, the previous attempt having been postponed in 2021 due to unfavorable market conditions. The funds generated from the IPO are intended for expanding operations, with terms like “draft red herring prospectus” and “SEBI approval” denoting the intricate filing and regulatory review process necessary for Indian companies seeking IPO qualification.

MobiKwik Board Clears `880-cr Public Issue

Impact on Retail Investors

The green light for MobiKwik’s second IPO attempt suggests potential stabilization in India’s volatile IPO market. Retail investors might benefit from a more favorable pricing strategy compared to the 2021 plans, designed to ensure the success of the offering this time. Companies in the payment processing sector, such as Visa, PayPal, or Paytm, should be vigilant, weighing the risks of potential market share loss in India’s rapidly growing fintech segment. However, if MobiKwik faces challenges again, it could affirm the strength of established incumbents in the industry.

Impact on Industries

A successful IPO empowers MobiKwik to broaden its service offerings, potentially entering credit, insurance, wealth management, and more. This puts pressure on traditional banking and financial services firms to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Fintech partnerships or acquisitions become appealing strategies to minimize disruption. Success in the IPO also contributes positively to the perception of India’s startup ecosystem following recent high-profile struggles. Various financial industry players closely monitor IPO developments as indicators of deal flow and the exit environment, and a smoothly executed offering can reinstate confidence across stakeholders.

Long Term Positives and Negatives

Long-term success opens significant opportunities for MobiKwik through public currency, facilitating aggressive growth and aligning with governmental development priorities for expanded digital financial inclusion. Global investors and strategic partners may consider equity stakes if the stock performs well. However, ongoing risks in tumultuous public markets, potential early exits by backers, and the pressure to balance innovation pace with profitability exist. Prudent investment in sustainable models is crucial for optimal long-term outcomes.

Short Term Positives and Negatives

A well-timed IPO meeting market demand can lead to an early increase in share value. Clear communication of post-IPO plans and medium-term financial guidance is vital to retain investors and enable tapping secondary offerings for additional growth capital. However, complications in regulatory approvals, pricing negotiations, and volatile macro conditions could disrupt short-term timetables. Execution risks are prevalent, and uncertainties from pending elections and geopolitical tensions in 2024 add further complexity. Even if successful overall, early share unlocking and profit-taking after lockup periods can introduce price volatility, emphasizing the inherent challenges even for long-term winners.

Impact of MobiKwik’s IPO Announcement:

Indian Companies:


  • Payment Gateway Providers: Companies like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, and HDFC Bank, who provide payment gateway services to merchants, could see increased business from MobiKwik as they ramp up their infrastructure and user base post-IPO.
  • Investment Firms: The successful IPO could boost investor confidence in the fintech sector, potentially prompting increased investment in Indian startups operating in similar spaces.
  • Indian Stock Market: A successful IPO could attract further interest from institutional investors and retail traders, leading to an overall positive sentiment in the market.


  • Paytm: MobiKwik’s direct competitor, Paytm, might face increased competition for market share, potentially impacting their user growth and transaction volumes. This could put further pressure on their already volatile stock price.
  • Digital Wallet Alternatives: Companies like PhonePe and Google Pay, offering similar digital wallet services, might also feel some competitive pressure from MobiKwik’s potential post-IPO expansion plans.

Global Companies:


  • MobiKwik Investors: International investors like Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Sequoia Capital, who hold stakes in MobiKwik, could see significant financial gains from a successful IPO.
  • Global Payment Giants: Companies like Visa and Mastercard could benefit from increased transaction volume driven by MobiKwik’s expansion post-IPO, potentially leading to higher service fees.


  • Global Fintech Peers: International fintech companies operating in similar spaces, like Stripe or Square, might face increased competition from MobiKwik’s potential global expansion plans in the future.

Market Sentiment:

MobiKwik’s IPO announcement is likely to create positive sentiment in the Indian fintech sector, potentially boosting valuations of publicly traded fintech companies and attracting further investment. However, the success of the IPO will depend heavily on market conditions and investor confidence. Paytm’s recent struggles could act as a dampener, even though MobiKwik’s focus on profitability might be viewed favorably.

Remember, these are potential impacts based on the current information. The actual consequences of MobiKwik’s IPO can unfold differently based on various factors, including the company’s execution, market conditions, and regulatory approvals.

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