Mirae acquires Sharekhan – Implications for investors


South Korea’s Mirae Asset has acquired Indian retail broking firm Sharekhan from French bank BNP Paribas for Rs 3000 crore. This signals further consolidation in the stock trading space.

Analysis for a layman

Sharekhan is among the early starters in Indian online broking. But falling market share led to ownership changes over the years. BNP Paribas wanted to focus on core banking verticals. On the other hand, Mirae wants to rapidly expand in Indian wealth management. The deal helps both telegraph strategic priorities.

Mirae acquires Sharekhan

Original Analysis

The transaction highlights a shakeout in India’s consolidated broking sector even as new age digital brokers gain share. For Mirae, it provides ready infrastructure to augment customer acquisition faster. For BNP, it underlines refocusing from peripheral businesses. However, Mirae needs to upgrade Sharekhan’s dated platforms to retain customers. Overall consolidation leaves niche opportunities for specialized brokers while scale players align models to market shifts towards discount broking.

Impact on Retail Investors

For retail investors, such deals signal competitive evolution in the broking space as ownership changes hands. But rapid consolidation also means customers need to monitor service stability during transitions, especially regarding technology platform upgrades. However, market Entry of specialized wealth managers like Mirae expands product choice. Investors stand to gain from focused value propositions of niche players.

Impact on Industries

The deal benefits banking and broking sector consolidation bringing product cross-selling opportunities. IT companies gain from potential digital upgrades. But continued fall in brokerage charges and margins affect smaller incumbents lacking scale. Rising discount broking also impacts exchanges’ transaction charges revenue.

Companies that will gain

  • ICICI Securities
  • Motilal Oswal

Companies that will lose

  • IndiaBulls Securities
  • Anand Rathi


Sharekhan’s acquisition highlights ownership changes led by India’s evolving broking competitive landscape. For investors, it signals the market balancing consolidation and specialized wealth management. Nimble customers stand to benefit from both scale and niche product innovation.


Balakrishnan, Reghu, and Reena Zachariah. “Mirae Asset Acquires Sharekhan for ₹3kcr.” Economic Times, 12 December

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