Many High Flyers on D-St Could Log Over 30% Gains

Many High Flyers on D-St Could Log Over 30% Gains

Source and Citation: Many High Flyers on D-St Could Log Over 30% Gains, ET Bureau, Jan 2, 2024

Analysis for Layman

The article discusses analyst estimates that have identified approximately 15 stocks across infrastructure and export-linked sectors with the potential to deliver high returns between 25-34% in 2023. This is noteworthy as Indian markets are currently trading at expensive valuations. Notable stocks include HG Infra, Ashoka Buildcon, and Data Pattern in the construction space, benefiting from sustained government expenditure on roads, rail, and defense capex cycles. Exporters like Gokaldas are also expected to gain from global demand improvement.

Many High Flyers on D-St Could Log Over 30% Gains

Impact on Retail Investors

For retail investors, the positive return projections are encouraging, but caution is advised in a market that appears stretched in terms of valuation. Selectivity is crucial, and it makes sense to choose stocks with competitive strengths rather than blindly investing in smaller companies that are expected to outperform. Prioritizing growth visibility through robust order books and client rosters is essential, as is focusing on scalable models with leaner balance sheets. Assessing the risk of margin erosion before pursuing return estimates is also recommended. While promising ideas exist, careful analysis is required rather than relying on headline extrapolation of past success.

Impact on Industries

From an industry perspective, sectors identified such as construction, engineering, and exports should continue benefiting from the government’s infrastructure priorities. The sustained healthy levels of order tendering and awarding activity assume no fiscal constraints. Industry consolidation, driven by large established players, is expected to help the organized sector gain market share. However, smaller fragmented players focused on low-margin projects face liability risks during economic slowdowns and are more vulnerable to volatile commodity cycles.

Long Term Benefits & Negatives

Over the longer term, sustained high public capex and private participation in infrastructure, housing, and manufacturing should contribute to productive capital formation, spurring job creation, skill development, and ancillary sector growth. Policy efforts to increase self-reliance in various sectors through PLI schemes may also support domestic manufacturing at scale. However, irrational exuberance in valuation terms requires moderation, and cyclical volatility and external shocks remain threats, necessitating prudent fiscal approaches and disciplined governance.

Short Term Benefits & Negatives

In the near term, quality mid-caps across capex-linked sectors seem well positioned to capture economic recovery upside. Their agile niche capabilities can help gain market share from unorganized segments. However, small-caps with untested business models or financial profiles face severe risks if economic slowdown trends intensify. Selective investing in structural themes, such as manufacturing shifts and infra asset creation, is recommended for 2023. This requires cherrypicking quality compounders over broadly buying statistical outperformers in challenging times.

Potential Impacts of High Flyer Stock Recommendations:

Indian Companies:


  • Infrastructure & Construction Companies:
    • HG Infra (34% potential gains): Strong order book, focus on government projects, and analyst consensus could attract investor interest.
    • Ashoka Buildcon (25% potential gains): Established player in infrastructure, potential benefit from government spending, and positive analyst outlook.
    • PNC Infra (25% potential gains): Growing company in the construction sector, potential benefit from infrastructure push, and positive analyst recommendations.
  • Defense-related Companies:
    • Data Pattern (29% potential gains): Ministry of Defense focus on local vendors, robust order book, and strong past performance could boost sentiment.
  • Microfinance Companies:
    • Fusion MicroFinance (28% potential gains): Improving collection trends, reduced stress, and potential asset quality improvement could attract investors seeking exposure to this growing sector.
  • Other Companies:
    • Gokaldas Exports (25% potential gains): Leading textile exporter, potential benefit from global trade recovery, and analyst recommendations.
    • Sunteck Realty (mentioned in the article with high growth potential): Real estate developer focused on luxury segment, potential benefit from improving housing market.


  • Companies not mentioned: This analysis focuses on specific stocks, so other companies might not see immediate impact unless driven by broader market factors.


  • High-Valued Stocks in General: Increased attention to potential overvaluation in some sectors (like infrastructure) could dampen sentiment towards stocks trading at significantly higher prices.

Global Companies:


  • Companies in Similar Sectors: International infrastructure, construction, defense, and microfinance companies could indirectly benefit from positive sentiment towards these sectors in India.


  • Most Global Companies: Limited direct impact as the analysis focuses on Indian stocks. Their performance will depend on individual company news and global economic factors.

Market Sentiment:

  • Mixed sentiment with potential for short-term correction due to overvaluation concerns in some sectors.
  • Positive outlook for companies mentioned with high growth potential and analyst backing.
  • Cautious view towards high-valued stocks in general, requiring careful analysis before investing.

Remember: This analysis is based on analyst estimates and specific company factors will ultimately determine their gains or losses. Monitor market movements, company news, and economic developments for a more comprehensive view of the potential implications.

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