Local Crypto Bourses Make Hay as Global Peers Put on Notice

Surge in Indian Crypto Trading Amid Global Regulatory Scrutiny

Source and Citation: Originally reported in Economic Times by ET Bureau on January 6th, 2024.

Analysis for Layman

Major Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, including CoinDCX, CoinSwitch, and WazirX, are experiencing a significant increase in trading volumes. This surge follows notices from India’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to block websites and apps of nine global cryptocurrency exchanges for non-compliance with Indian norms.

Since the FIU crackdown on international players like FTX and Binance, local Indian exchanges have witnessed a notable spike in trading volumes, new signups, and crypto deposits. This growth is attributed to investors seeking perceived safety on compliant Indian platforms amidst regulatory uncertainties surrounding global exchanges.

For retail crypto investors, this emphasizes the importance of choosing exchanges with a proven track record in security, transaction documentation, and registration compliance. Prudent investors may consider transferring holdings to reputable Indian exchanges to avoid potential jurisdictional uncertainties associated with global platforms under regulatory scrutiny.

Local Crypto Bourses Make Hay as Global Peers Put on Notice

Impact on Retail Investors

The sudden increase in volumes across Indian cryptocurrency exchanges post the FIU warnings to international platforms highlights the significance of careful exchange selection for retail investors. Choosing exchanges with a strong track record in security and compliance becomes crucial to safeguard holdings amid evolving regulatory landscapes.

While immediate risks may not be prevalent, proactive measures such as transferring holdings to reputable Indian exchanges are advisable to mitigate potential future uncertainties. Selective diversification across multiple domestic exchanges can further help manage concentration risks and stay informed about evolving crypto compliance norms.

Impact on Industries

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Compliant Indian exchanges, such as CoinDCX, CoinSwitch, and WazirX, are positioned to gain market share in the short term as investors shift from global platforms facing regulatory scrutiny. This allows domestic platforms to accelerate innovation, expansion, and education to deepen crypto adoption responsibly within revised policy frameworks.

Financial Services

The expanding landscape of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and DeFi lending platforms offers new avenues for legitimate fundraising, diversification, and financial inclusion. However, stricter monitoring is required against potential misuse, prompting increased investments in surveillance systems by banks, brokers, and other intermediaries.

Information Technology

As crypto exchange platforms scale rapidly, ancillary software service providers, including front-end, security, and analytics partners, gain traction to support responsible blockchain and digital asset tech innovations within policy-compliant frameworks.

Long Term Benefits & Positives

Over the long run, stronger oversight against non-compliant crypto players provides several structural improvements:

  1. Mainstream Adoption
    • Clear, consistent rules enable the scaling of crypto usage across various asset classes, fostering an accountable ecosystem trusted by commercial users.
  2. Innovation Incentives
    • Regulatory leeway for research around underlying crypto technologies, such as blockchain and tokenization, promotes domestic innovation to build India’s capabilities in Web3 technologies.
  3. Investor Trust
    • Norms guarding against misleading advertising and severe price speculation risks, coupled with grievance redressal systems, can gradually improve confidence among casual crypto investors.
  4. Revenue Contributions
    • As the asset class matures within a compliance framework, trading volumes can contribute substantial tax revenue to public finances. The entrepreneurial ecosystem generated by the crypto industry also creates jobs and intellectual property, supporting India’s digital ambitions.

Short Term Positives & Negatives


  1. Volume Inflow
    • Legitimate Indian crypto exchanges experience a surge in trading volumes as investors shift holdings from global platforms facing potential bans amid growing policy mandates for registration and user identity documentation.
  2. Market Share
    • Compliant Indian exchanges expand market share rapidly, achieving greater scale and brand visibility domestically by absorbing volumes from global counterparts wrestling with regulatory probes.
  3. Sentiment Revival
    • After significant downturns and a decline in volumes in 2022, sentiments improve for domestic crypto players, and coin valuations recover as optimism returns.


  1. Monopoly Risks
    • Very few Indian exchanges currently carry strong compliance credentials. As global exchanges face challenges, rapid user infusion creates concentration risks regarding technology availability or failures, and liquidity remains fragmented across smaller-scale platforms.
  2. Regulatory Uncertainty
    • While stronger monitoring aims to build credibility, policy remains dynamic across crypto taxation, interpretations of what constitutes an asset or security token, etc. Sudden shifts can keep investors guessing while companies grapple with upheavals.
  3. Entry Barriers
    • Compliance mandates make market entry tougher for newer Indian exchanges to achieve scale, focusing largely on trading features. Some may shutter amid constraints to absorb operational overheads despite customer demand as rules frequently update.

In summary, while stronger oversight aids mainstream acceptance, policy vision needs to balance innovation incentives without diluting security safeguards for sustainable growth. Selective collaboration with global peers evolving on shared compliance also helps in navigating the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Companies Impacted by FIU Action on Global Crypto Exchanges

Indian Companies Likely to Gain:

  • Coin DCX: As the first FIU-registered and ISO-certified exchange, Coin DCX saw a 2,000% surge in deposits and doubled signups. Their compliance focus and user-friendly platform could attract investors seeking secure options.
  • CoinSwitch: With a 30-35% jump in trading volume and reinstating crypto deposits, CoinSwitch stands to benefit from increased user activity driven by regulatory uncertainty surrounding global exchanges.
  • WazirX: A 250% increase in deposits and 100% rise in transaction amounts, with 70% coming from Binance, shows investors shifting towards established Indian platforms. Their strong brand presence and compliance measures could further attract users.
  • Smaller Indian Exchanges: Platforms like BuyUcoin (2.5x trading volume increase) benefit from investors seeking familiar, compliant options. Strict KYC/AML practices could be another advantage.

Indian Companies Potentially Impacted:

  • Zebpay: While also FIU-compliant, Zebpay hasn’t reported specific increases yet. They might need to actively attract users to capitalize on the current trend.

Global Companies Likely to Lose:

  • Binance: WazirX data suggests a significant user shift away from Binance. Their market share in India could decline if regulatory hurdles persist.
  • Kraken, KuCoin, Bitso, Coinstash: These are among the exchanges WazirX users migrated from. They might face reduced Indian user activity until the regulatory situation clarifies.

Global Companies Unlikely to be Significantly Impacted:

  • Major US-based exchanges (Coinbase, Gemini): They currently don’t have a significant presence in India and are unlikely to be immediately affected by this news.

Overall Market Sentiment:

The news is largely positive for Indian crypto exchanges, potentially boosting their user base, trading volumes, and market share. Global exchanges facing regulatory scrutiny might see decreased Indian activity in the short term. The broader crypto market sentiment could also play a role in determining the long-term impact on all companies involved.

Disclaimer: This analysis is based on the provided information and is subject to change based on further developments. Market sentiment can be volatile and influenced by various factors beyond the scope of this analysis.

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