Kotak Cherry Sr Execs Leaving to Join its Rival Firm AngelOne

Top Executives Leaving Kotak Cherry for AngelOne: Potential Impact on Wealth Management and Stockbroking Industries

Source and Citation: As reported in the Economic Times article by Pratik Bhakta and Arijit Barman on January 15, 2024.

Analysis of the News for Layman

The article reveals that four senior executives, including Srikanth Subramanian, CEO of Kotak Cherry, are departing for rival stockbroking firm Angel One. This move may have significant repercussions on Kotak’s digital wealth management strategy and its ability to retain customers.

Wealth Management involves financial advisory services to aid individuals in effective money investment. Stockbroking facilitates the buying and selling of stocks and securities. The departure of key talent to a competitor like Angel One could potentially impact Kotak’s stability and its digital wealth management capabilities.

Angel One, having evolved into one of India’s largest investment and trading platforms, is strategically recruiting top talent from competitors, mirroring past incidents with IIFL Wealth in 2008 after senior exits from Kotak.

Kotak Cherry Sr Execs Leaving to Join its Rival Firm AngelOne

Impact on Retail Investors

For retail investors, the departure of key leaders from Kotak Cherry raises concerns about the platform’s stability, impacting digital tools, investment performance, and advisory quality. However, given Kotak’s reputation and likely succession planning, investors should observe how Cherry’s consumer proposition evolves before forming judgments.

On the flip side, Angel One’s retail customers may view this as a validation of the firm’s market growth and digital disruption. The recruitment of senior talent from Kotak signals an intent to enhance investing products and services, potentially leading to improvements in digital wealth offerings.

Impact on Industries

The exits primarily impact the wealth management sector, where Kotak and Angel One compete for digital-savvy investors. Kotak Cherry, designed for younger investors, may see a slowdown in consumer onboarding, creating opportunities for competitors like Angel One, Groww, Zerodha, and traditional banks to gain market share.

In the stockbroking arena, Angel One is emerging as a leader by leveraging digital platforms and recruiting top talent. This move indicates a successful strategy with rapid customer acquisition and increased market share. Competitors will need to accelerate their digital transformation to stay competitive.

In the broader context of banking and financial services, the industry will closely monitor Kotak’s digital initiatives, stock price, and investor confidence following Uday Kotak’s withdrawal from an executive role.

Long Term Benefits & Negatives

For Kotak, the long-term impact hinges on containing fallout and reshaping Cherry’s innovation roadmap. Despite interim challenges, Kotak retains strong fundamentals across banking, insurance, and asset management. The exits offer an opportunity to strategically realign digital priorities, with new talent potentially bringing fresh ideas and partnerships with fintechs bolstering capability building.

For Angel One, absorbing Cherry talent strengthens its position as a fintech-first stockbroker, expanding growth beyond current clientele. The gains include customer wallet share expansion, increased assets under management, and additional revenue streams for long-term value creation.

Short Term Benefits & Negatives

In the short term, Kotak must address brand damage, retain customers, and prevent a drop in market cap. The uncertainty from the void in Cherry’s visionary leadership impacts staff morale and progress on the product roadmap. Transparent communication is crucial to avoid investor flight, and a drop in stock price may reflect a loss in market confidence. On a positive note, Kotak’s strong performance limits financial downside, allowing the bank to onboard talent from other firms and refocus on delivering excellent core services.

For Angel One, absorbing sought-after talent creates market buzz, enhancing its status as a fintech industry leader. However, quick impact expectations raise the bar on delivering integration and capturing gains. The near-term imperative is retaining existing customers while acquiring new ones through Kotak team connections. Execution challenges could lead to a slight stock price correction.

Overall, the news highlights the talent war in capital markets, where both risks and opportunities arise from ongoing digital disruption.

Companies Impacted by Kotak Cherry Sr. Execs Joining AngelOne

Indian Companies:


  • AngelOne (NSE: ANGELONE): The most direct beneficiary. The influx of experienced talent, particularly former Kotak Cherry CEO Srikanth Subramanian, enhances AngelOne’s leadership and execution capabilities. This could bolster their competitive position in the digital wealth management space and attract talent, ultimately driving market sentiment positive.
  • Zerodha (NSE: ZERODHA): As a leading discount broker, Zerodha may benefit from potential customer churn at Kotak Cherry. The news could also put pressure on them to innovate and improve their offerings to retain their market share. This could create a more competitive landscape, potentially benefiting investors in the long run.
  • Groww (NSE: GROWW): Similar to Zerodha, Groww might see some customer movement away from Kotak Cherry. Additionally, the increased competition in the digital wealth management sector could drive innovation and benefit the industry as a whole.


  • Kotak Mahindra Bank (NSE: KOTAKBANK): The departure of key talent from Kotak Cherry could hinder its growth goals for the app and raise concerns about internal issues. This could negatively impact market sentiment and lead to short-term stock price volatility.
  • Other traditional wealth management firms: The rise of AngelOne and platforms like Kotak Cherry could further disrupt the traditional wealth management space, putting pressure on existing firms to adapt or risk losing market share.
  • Mutual Fund AMCs: While AngelOne’s focus on SIPs could benefit some AMCs, the increased competition for investor attention could put pressure on fees and margins.

Global Companies:


  • Global technology companies: Increased demand for technology solutions and platforms in the Indian wealth management space could benefit global technology providers.


  • Foreign wealth management firms: The growing strength of domestic digital wealth management platforms like AngelOne could make it more challenging for foreign players to enter or scale their business in India.

Market Sentiment:

The overall market sentiment is likely to be mixed. AngelOne and tech-focused companies could see positive sentiment, while Kotak Mahindra Bank and traditional wealth management firms might face short-term negativity. However, the news could also drive positive sentiment in the long run by fostering a more competitive and innovative wealth management landscape in India.

Please note: This analysis is based on the information provided and should not be considered financial advice.

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