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Gold Rate Today: Gold jumps on healthy demand, firming global trend - The Economic Times


The article discusses expert opinions expecting gold price volatility in the near term after hitting record highs last week owing to inflation uncertainty and geopolitics although longer-term upside seen capped absent rate cut clarity.

Analysis for Layman

Gold prices globally reached lifetime peak of $2090 per ounce last week spurred by cooling inflation raising hopes of slower interest rate hikes by central banks. Softer rates boost appeal for non-interest-bearing gold. Geopolitical tensions like Middle East conflict also support safe haven demand. In India, local prices hit high of Rs 65,170 per 10 grams reflecting global trends and rupee depreciation.

However, fund managers feel substantial additional near-term upside unlikely as prices seem stretched currently. Factors like overbought technical conditions, still hawkish central bank stance stylistically, and lurking recession risks will spark swings of 3-5% either way in gold over the next 2 months. Key driver remains when US Fed actually starts cutting rates.

They suggest investors focus on silver in the meantime which trades below peak levels seen during crisis periods, offering better value. But long-term gold fundamentals stay constructive with central banks continuing buyers.

Original Analysis

The gold price outlook balances constructive ingredients for sustained secular rally like low opportunity cost with high financial assets volatility and central bank demand against potential equilibrium phase over the next 6-12 months absent clear rate reversal signals. This warrants tempered return expectations following the swift surge.

While broader path seems higher, intermittent churn anticipated given rising real yields may still halt euphoria. This insights help align investor positioning accordingly rather than aggressive longs alone counting on reflation trade. Inclusion of silver merits consideration to mitigate concentration risks.

Impact on Retail Investors

For stock investors already holding gold-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like Nippon Gold BeES or SBI Gold Fund as crisis hedge and inflation shields, the advisory on potential choppiness implies avoidance from rushed additions at record valuations to average costs instead. Partial profit booking also prudent strategy.

However, long-term portfolio allocation need not change significantly given structural growth drivers – dollar weakness, low opportunity cost for bonds/equity, geopolitics ensuring persistent appeal, and central bank buying support. Alternate exposure via sovereign gold bonds also suitable on corrections. Thus astute accumulation advisable during turbulence.

Impact on Industries

Four key sectors most directly influenced by gold price outlook – Jewellery retail, gold mining companies, gold refiners like Rajesh Exports, and gold loan financiers. As prices touched lifetime highs, jewellery demand may take temporary hit if further gains unfold but rebounds once stability emerges. This transient impact.

For gold mining firms elevated global rates better realizations but input cost inflation eats gains while quotas cap volume upside. Gold refiners like Rajesh Exports already enjoying multi-year high margins from premiums can sustain performance on dips. However gold loan financiers may necessity prudential norms if LTV ratios worsen.

Long Term Benefits & Negatives

In the long run, sustained structural upside in gold beyond short-term gyrations provides several positive implications for India’s macroeconomy. Gold’s intrinsic value hedge against financial assets turbulence and currency debasement works favorably for the INR over multiple business and capital market cycles.

An estimated 25,000 tonnes of household gold holdings lending stability during crises makes case for further democratization through financialization allowing it to also become income-generating asset. This will insure against overdependence on volatile capital flows. Reform impetus hence desirable like the sovereign gold bond route.

Negatively any demand destruction from excessive volatility concerns due to poor handling and communication by regulators and government can derail democratization attempts as India remains price sensitive market. Thus balance essential between facilitating access versus runaway speculative trading.

Short Term Benefits & Negatives

Short term benefit from record high gold prices lies in improved fiscal position and household wealth effect for millions owning gold jewelry or bars, raising disposable incomes when the economy seems slowing. This gets spent across consumption categories like autos, apparels etc buffering growth against global weakness.

However, it risks worsening current account deficit if import surge happens on revival in gold demand hereafter outstripping exports and inflation if passed through to customers by jewellers. But elevated GST taxes may absorb some pricing pressures. For banks with gold loan exposure, temporary LTV margin pressures possible during mark to market losses requiring close monitoring.

Companies to Gain

Listed companies benefiting:

  • Titan Company – Leading jewellery retailer, margin boost from inventory gains offsets demand risks
  • Muthoot Finance – Largest gold loan financier, book quality tempers any LTV impacts
  • Shubh Jewellers – SME gold jewellery brand, gains from Patanjali partnership
  • Rajesh Exports – Largest gold refiner, exceptional margins scenario sustains earnings
  • MMTC-PAMP – Major gold/silver refiner JV, higher volume and price lift prospects

These companies participate across the gold value chain to leverage current elevated global price scenario from multiple angles. The gains offset any transitory demand swings with long runway ahead for gold investments deepening further in India.

Companies to Lose

No major listed companies seen negatively impacted given gold’s constructive outlook despite intermittent corrections.

Additional Insights

Complete gold value chain establishment domestically through mining and refining holds immense import substitution and jobs potential. Requires structural reforms.


While gold price volatility could accentuate in the near term, long-term outlook remains favorable driven by real yield dynamics and currency risks. For India growth angle beyond investment appeal holds significance interfaced with Make in India goals.


Sonawane, Ruchita. “‘Expect Sharp Swings in Gold Prices, Silver a Better Bet For Now’.” Economic Times

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