Indian Infrastructure Company CG Power Solutions Dissolves After Failure to Revive

Watchful CG Power and Industrial Solutions

On November 22, 2023, the bankruptcy court in Mumbai approved the dissolution of CG Power Solutions. The company failed to revive due to lack of any underlying assets and was subsequently acquired by Chennai-based Murugappa Group through a Swiss challenge mechanism.


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The bankruptcy court in Mumbai has granted permission to dissolve CG Power Solutions, an Indian infrastructure firm that has been struggling financially for some time. This decision comes after lenders failed to revive the company, which has been in default on its debts for several years.

Industries Impacted:

The dissolution of CG Power Solutions is likely to have a ripple effect across several industries, including:

  • Power: CG Power Solutions is a major manufacturer of power generation equipment, so its collapse could lead to supply chain disruptions and higher prices for electricity.

  • Infrastructure: The company also has a large presence in the infrastructure sector, so its demise could delay or prevent the completion of various projects.

  • Financial services: CG Power Solutions had substantial debt, so its liquidation will likely lead to losses for banks and other financial institutions.

Public Companies Traded on Indian Stock Exchanges:

Several public companies traded on Indian stock exchanges could be affected by the dissolution of CG Power Solutions:

  • CG Power & Industrial Solutions: This is the holding company of CG Power Solutions. Its stock price could decline in the near term due to investor concerns about the company’s future prospects.

  • Murugappa Group: This company acquired CG Power Solutions through a Swiss challenge mechanism in 2020. While it is expected to benefit from the company’s assets, it could also face challenges in integrating CG Power Solutions into its own operations.

  • Other infrastructure and power companies: Any company that competes with CG Power Solutions could see an increase in its market share.

Impact on Retail Investors:

Retail investors who own shares in CG Power & Industrial Solutions should be aware of the potential risks associated with the company’s financial troubles. They should carefully consider the risks and potential rewards of investing in these stocks before making a decision.

Original Analysis:

The dissolution of CG Power Solutions is a significant development for the Indian corporate landscape. It highlights the challenges faced by infrastructure and power companies in a slowing economy. It also raises concerns about the effectiveness of India’s insolvency resolution process.

The decision to allow the company to dissolve is a departure from the norm in India, where companies are typically restructured or sold to new owners. However, in this case, there were no viable options for reviving the company.

Overall, the dissolution of CG Power Solutions is a negative development for the Indian economy. It could lead to job losses, supply chain disruptions, and higher prices for electricity. The company’s failure also raises questions about the sustainability of the Indian infrastructure sector.

It is important for investors to carefully evaluate the risks before investing in companies operating in these industries. They should also stay informed about the latest developments in the sector and be prepared to adjust their portfolios accordingly.

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