30 November Headlines


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Financial Markets & Investment

  1. Nifty Reclaims Mt 20k
  2. Market Capitalization Hits $4 Trillion
  3. IREDA’s Strong Stock Market Debut
  4. Cochin Shipyard’s Growth Prospects
  5. Grey Market and IPOs
  6. Rupee Strengthens Against Dollar
  7. Ant Group Sells Zomato Stake
  8. Mizuho’s Investment in India
  9. IIFL’s $50 Million Fundraise
  10. Piramal’s Recovery from Rs 600-cr Loan
  11. Potential Inflows from US Pension Board’s Index Switch
  12. Gold Prices Near 7-month High
  13. Charlie Munger’s Legacy

Government & Policy

  1. ED Flags Issues with Byju’s
  2. COP28 Climate Summit
  3. US Indicts Indian for Assassination Plot
  4. Supreme Court on Governors’ Bills Assent
  5. SC on Tackling Hate Speeches
  6. 16th Finance Commission Approved
  7. Extension of Free Foodgrain Scheme
  8. India’s Voice in G20

Technology & Innovation

  1. HCL’s New Chip Unit in Karnataka
  2. Infosys Founder on Infra Projects
  3. Byju’s Valuation Dip
  4. Growth Forecast for IT Industry
  5. Qualcomm’s Investment in Bengaluru
  6. Android Makers Enhance Software Updates
  7. AWS’s New AI Chip

Real Estate & Construction

  1. Real Estate Price Surge in Greater Noida West
  2. Silkyara Tunnel Rescue and PMO’s Role
  3. Post-Silkyara Tunnel SOP Overhaul

Health & Environment

  1. Rethinking Packaged Food Perceptions
  2. Health Concerns in Urban India
  3. Ecology and Economy Balance in Uttarakhand

Corporate & Business

  1. Income Tax Survey at Hinduja Global Solutions
  2. Religare Enterprises Takeover Battle
  3. CCI Approves Atlas’ Stake in Vodafone
  4. Bharti Telecom’s ₹8,000 Crore Fundraising
  5. Balaji Wafers’ Growth
  6. Luxury Brands Eye India
  7. Foot Locker Enters India
  8. Concern Over Chinese Handset Brands’ Export Contribution
  9. Star India’s Sports Business Losses
  10. CNG Prices to Rise
  11. IDBI Asset Valuer Selection
  12. Azure Power’s Bond Buyback
  13. Adani Power’s Green Initiative
  14. Increase in Women’s Labor Force Participation

Startups & Tech

  1. Opportunities in Regulatory Tech for Fintech
  2. Karnataka’s New Biotech Policy
  3. Global Expansion of Beckn Protocol
  4. Prosus Reports on Swiggy, PayU
  5. Benefits for Indians from US Visa Renewal Pilot
  6. Cabinet Approves Drone Plan for SHGs
  7. Web3’s Potential Job Creation in India
  8. Loco’s Staff Reduction
  9. Google’s New .meme Domain


  1. Charles Munger Passes Away at 99
  2. Telangana State Polls
  3. Small Finance Banks Seek Loan Risk Weightage Clarity
  4. Impact of Spiritual Contagion
  5. Gender Pay Gap in Tech Sector
  6. Asian Dominance in Certain Industries
  7. Analyzing the US Economy
  8. Enjoyment of Deep-Fried Snacks
  9. Authenticity in Modern Context

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