11 December 2023 : Important Financial News in India


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Pre-pack Scheme Under IBC Likely for Large Cos Too

The Indian government is considering a streamlined, informal bankruptcy process for large companies under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). This “pre-pack” scheme aims for faster resolution of bankruptcy cases, simplifying the process for bigger firms.

We Will Build, Not Burn, Our Way into the Future

Rajiv Bajaj, Bajaj Auto’s managing director, is optimistic about the electric vehicle (EV) sector. He believes EVs will be profitable at lower production volumes, thanks to the brand’s strength, competitive pricing, and cost-effective structure.

Coca-Cola India Forays into Alcohol Segment

Coca-Cola India is venturing into the alcohol market with its new drink, Lemon-Dou. Initially, this alcoholic beverage will be test-marketed in Goa and parts of Maharashtra.

Dunzo Survival Hinges on Rel Commitment to Funds

The future of the quick commerce startup Dunzo is uncertain. Its survival now depends on whether Reliance Retail, its major investor, commits to funding it. Dunzo urgently needs funds and is struggling financially.

ED may Launch Probe into Dheeraj Sahu Case

The Enforcement Directorate might investigate Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Sahu under money laundering laws, following the seizure of ₹290 crore in unaccounted cash linked to him.

Take Cue from Proposed US Bill on Charging Big Apps: COAI

Indian telecom operators are urging the government to adopt a bill similar to one proposed in the US Congress. This legislation would require large internet apps to contribute to infrastructure costs, potentially reducing broadband costs for consumers.

5G Crosses 400,000 Site Mark in under 15 Months

India’s 5G network expansion is progressing rapidly, having established over 400,000 sites in less than 15 months. Companies like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel are adding around 2,000 base tower stations weekly, marking one of the quickest rollouts globally.

Airtel-Alphabet Deal on Laser Tech Runs into Rough Weather

Bharti Airtel’s plan to use Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) laser internet technology, Taara, to boost its 4G and 5G services in India, is facing challenges.

AC Cabins for Trucks Must from Oct 2025

Starting October 1, 2025, all new trucks in India must have air-conditioned cabins for drivers. This regulation aims to improve the working conditions of truck drivers, as announced by the Road Transport and Highways Ministry.

Armed with AI-Capable Chips, MediaTek Now Looks to Rival Apple and Qualcomm

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek is positioning itself to compete with US giants like Qualcomm and Apple. It plans to enter the premium segment with its new flagship mobile processors, focusing on high performance and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Nifty Looks Set for a 21K Close, Dips a Buy Call

India’s Nifty index is expected to close above 21,000 points for the first time, continuing its bullish momentum. This follows a significant surge last week, with projections of reaching higher levels based on technical analysis.

Faith in SIPs Pays Off, Value of Investments at Record High in Nov

Investors using the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) approach in mutual funds are seeing significant gains. The gradual investments over the years have led to a large corpus due to market growth, reflecting a positive impact on personal wealth.

‘RBI’s Unlikely to Cut Interest Rates Before June Next Year’

Despite global anticipation of reduced interest rates, market indicators suggest that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) won’t likely lower interest rates for another six to eight months, focusing on controlling inflation first.

Tata Power Sixth Group Co to Hit ₹1 Trillion Mcap

Tata Power has reached a milestone, becoming the sixth company in the Tata Group with a market capitalization of over ₹1 trillion, following a substantial stock price increase in 2023.

RBI’s Prolonged Pause Hint may be a Good Time for Long Duration Debt

With the Reserve Bank of India indicating an extended pause in changing interest rates, fixed-income investors are advised to consider mutual fund debt schemes focusing on medium and long-term bonds.

Cut Risk Weight to Help SMEs, Banks Tell RBI

Indian banks are requesting the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to reduce the risk weight on loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This change could lower borrowing costs for SMEs, easing their financial strain.

Affordable Housing Potential a Good Reason for Investors to Bet on India Shelter Finance

India Shelter Finance Corporation (ISFC), a Haryana-based company, plans to raise funds to expand its capital base. The company’s focus on affordable housing makes it an attractive option for investors.

Smaaash’s RP Invites Resolution Plans for a 3rd Time

The resolution professional for Smaaash Entertainment, a sports entertainment company backed by Sachin Tendulkar, is seeking potential buyers for the third time following a legal issue regarding the ownership of the “Smaaash” brand.

Catastrophe Bonds Provide a Financial Safety Net to Insurers

Insurers are using catastrophe bonds as a financial safety measure against disasters like floods. These bonds help in managing the financial impact of such events.

Mahindra’s Anish Shah is New Ficci President

Anish Shah, the CEO of the Mahindra Group, has been appointed as the new president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci).

‘Can’t Phase Out Coal Power Until Storage, Tech Viable’

India’s power ministry stated that reducing emissions does not mean singling out coal. Phasing out coal is not feasible until alternative technologies and storage solutions become viable.

India can be Goods Supplier for Global South: Hausmann

Economist Ricardo Hausmann sees India as a potential major supplier of goods to the global south, provided it addresses structural issues in goods production.

COP28 Prez Says Summit ‘Making Progress’, But Not ‘Fast Enough’

The COP28 climate summit is making progress in addressing global warming and aiding societies adapt to climate extremes, but the pace of progress is slower than desired.

Pledges Not Enough to Limit Warming to 1.50 C, Says IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that current pledges at the COP28 climate summit are insufficient to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Garlic Prices Double in Six Weeks as Supplies Dwindle

In India, garlic prices have doubled in six weeks due to reduced supply. Retail prices have reached Rs 250/kg, while wholesale rates vary.

Top American University President Quits After Anti-Semitism Uproar

The president of the University of Pennsylvania resigned amid controversies related to rising anti-Semitism on US campuses.

Adani Firm Raises Offer for Lanco Amarkantak Power for Second Time

Adani Power increased its offer to ₹4,100 crore for acquiring Lanco Amarkantak Power, currently undergoing insolvency proceedings.

PhonePe Among Top Fintech Cos with $1.3Tn Total Payment Value: Walmart

Walmart announced that its digital payments firm PhonePe has a total payment value of $1.3 trillion, ranking it among the top fintech companies globally.

Musk Restores X A/C of Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

Elon Musk reinstated the account of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

EU’s AI Act is Citizen-Centric

The European Union’s regulation of AI focuses on protecting citizens’ rights, in contrast to China’s rules on algorithmic discrimination and content labelling.

Scaling All Everests

Mountains, once deemed the realms of gods, have become symbols of human challenge and inspiration. The pursuit of conquering these peaks reflects a shift in our perception of nature and our own limits.

Knowing CPR Can Save Precious Lives

Cardiovascular diseases cause significant deaths worldwide, particularly in India. Learning CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is crucial as it can save lives during cardiac emergencies.

A Fight with Russia to the Finnish

Finland, marking its independence from over a century of Russian rule, is facing challenges as it seeks NATO membership. A Finnish investigative report highlighted Russia’s potential disruptive tactics against this bid.

Sitting Around a Bonfire

Gathering around a bonfire during winter is a cherished activity, involving the collection of dry leaves and twigs to create a warm, communal atmosphere.

Make Local Weddings Great Again

This piece encourages embracing local customs and traditions in weddings, celebrating love in a manner that’s both personal and culturally authentic.

What’ll Make JSW-MG Shaadi Click

This headline refers to the potential merger or partnership between JSW and MG, discussing the factors that could make this collaboration successful in the context of Indian and global business landscapes.

Air India Leases Around 6.2 L sq ft in Gurgaon for Training Centre

Air India has leased a significant space in Gurgaon for a training center, indicating a substantial investment in infrastructure and development for the airline.

Mumbai Sets Record with TD Bank Lease Deal

Mumbai’s office property market hits a new high with Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank setting a record for the highest-ever lease rentals in the country.

Property Values in Top Cities See Highest Appreciation in a Decade

Residential property values in India’s top cities have seen the most significant increase in a decade, driven by factors like low inventory and rising demand.

‘Housing Affordability may Improve Next Yr’

There’s an expectation that housing affordability will improve in the next year, possibly due to anticipated cuts in the repo rate.

Delhi’s ECT may Help Airlines Save Rs 180 cr

The Eastern Cross Taxiways at Delhi’s airport could save airlines significant amounts annually by reducing taxiing time and fuel consumption.

Jubilant Inds’ MD Manu Ahuja Passes Away

Manu Ahuja, the Managing Director and CEO of Jubilant Industries, has passed away, marking a significant loss for the company and the industry.

VFS to Expand India Reach to Cater to UK Visa Demand

VFS Global plans to open temporary visa processing centers in smaller Indian cities to meet the growing demand for UK visas.

Cipla Unit Recalls Drug Lot on Seal Integrity Issue

Cipla’s subsidiary is recalling a lot of medication in the US due to seal integrity issues, which could impact the drug’s effectiveness and safety.

Toys ‘R’ Us to Start Manufacturing in India by Next Year

Global toy retailer Toys ‘R’ Us plans to start manufacturing in India, aiming to make the country one of its top markets globally.

‘Broadcasting Bill may Lead to Regulatory Issues’

The proposed Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill in India could pose regulatory challenges and impact creative freedom, according to industry leaders.

Meta, Google may Lock Horns over Age-gating, Consent Norms

Google and Meta (Facebook’s parent company) might face conflicts in India over regulations concerning age verification and consent management for users under 18.

‘Indian Tech Firms to be Key Driver for Global AI’

Indian technology firms are poised to be significant contributors to global artificial intelligence (AI) development and market demand.

Zulily Curtails Operations, Lays off Staff

E-commerce company Zulily is downsizing, laying off staff and shutting down operations in response to market pressures and competition.

Amazon, Microsoft Lead Efforts to Tackle Inherent Biases in GenAI

Amazon and Microsoft are spearheading initiatives to address biases in generative AI, focusing on making these technologies more equitable and representative.

Over 63% of Indian Taxpayers Stick to Old Regime, says Report

A significant majority of Indian taxpayers prefer the old tax regime over the new one, according to a recent survey.

Low-cost iPad may be out in 2024

Apple is reportedly planning to release a new entry-level iPad in 2024, signaling its ongoing commitment to accessible technology.




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