1 December 2023 Financial News
Source: Economic Times, “Today’s ePaper”, 01 December 2023.
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Economy Grows 7.6% in Q2, Beating Estimates

India’s economy grew by 7.6% in the second quarter, surpassing expectations. This growth was driven by strong performance in manufacturing and increased investments. Despite this, private consumption was weak, and agriculture was impacted by uneven monsoon rains.

JSW SAIC Ink JV to Run MG Motor Operations in India

JSW Group and SAIC Motor have formed a joint venture to expand MG Motor’s operations in India. JSW Group holds a 35% stake in this collaboration, which aims to strengthen MG Motor’s presence in the Indian market.

UltraTech to Acquire Kesoram’s Cement Unit

UltraTech, part of the Aditya Birla Group, will buy the cement business of Kesoram Industries in an all-stock deal. This acquisition, valued at about ₹7600 crore, will enhance UltraTech’s cement production capacity.

Exit Polls Indicate Mixed Results in State Elections

Exit polls show varying outcomes in different states. The BJP appears to have an edge in Madhya Pradesh, while the Congress is favored in Chhattisgarh and Telangana. Rajasthan faces a tight race between the BJP and Congress.

CHROs Emerging as Key Players in Corporate World

Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) are gaining prominence in the corporate sector. They are increasingly sought after for their expertise in shaping organizational culture, talent acquisition and retention, and adapting to post-pandemic workplace changes.

Kerala Governor Asserts Independence in Bill Approvals

Kerala’s Governor, Arif Mohammed Khan, stated he won’t automatically approve bills passed by the state assembly, emphasizing his role in independently reviewing legislation.

Indian Official’s Alleged Involvement in US Murder Plot Raises Concerns

The indictment of an Indian national in the U.S. for a failed assassination plot, allegedly linked to a government official, has raised concerns. This incident is contrary to the Indian government’s policy.

Defence Ministry Approves Major Acquisitions

India’s Defence Ministry has approved acquisitions worth ₹2.23 lakh crore, including additional light combat aircraft, helicopters, and artillery systems, to strengthen the armed forces.

Henry Kissinger Leaves Behind A Troubling Legacy for India

Henry Kissinger, a significant figure in American foreign policy during the Cold War, leaves behind a complex legacy, particularly in relation to India. His strategic decisions and policies had profound impacts on global geopolitics, including U.S.-India relations.

Pannun Emerged on Indian Intel Agencies’ Radar in 2015

Gurupatwant Singh Pannun, a counsel for Sikhs For Justice, first came under scrutiny by Indian intelligence agencies in 2015. He’s been implicated in a U.S. case involving an assassination plot with alleged ties to an Indian government official.

CBI Charge Sheet Against Ex-J&K Official Others in Bribery Case

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed a charge sheet against Mohammed Farooq Dar, a former special secretary in J&K’s agriculture department, and others, in a bribery case involving ₹10 lakh.

Delhi High Court Concerned Over Event in Southern Ridge Sanctuary

The Delhi High Court expressed concerns over a proposed event in the Southern Ridge wildlife sanctuary. The court sought assurance that the event adheres to environmental norms and regulations.

90 Pak Drones Shot Down in a Yr: BSF Chief

The Border Security Force (BSF) has reportedly shot down 90 drones along the Punjab and Rajasthan borders over the past year. These drones are suspected to have been used for illicit activities across the border.

China’s MoD says its Military Values Ties with Indian Side

The Chinese Ministry of Defense stated that it values its military relations with India. This statement comes amidst ongoing talks aimed at easing tensions along the disputed eastern Ladakh border.

Changes to CGST Act Among 18 Bills Lined up for Winter Session

The Indian government plans to introduce 18 bills in the upcoming winter session of Parliament, including amendments to the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Act and financial grants requests.

Defence Ministry Clears ₹2.23 Lakh-cr Acquisitions

India’s Ministry of Defence has approved acquisitions worth ₹2.23 lakh crore for the armed forces. This includes additional light combat aircraft, helicopters, and artillery systems to bolster defense capabilities.

Stubble Season Closes With High But Dipping Fire Count

The traditional ‘stubble burning’ season in India has ended with a significant reduction in farm fires compared to the previous year. This reduction is seen as a positive environmental development.

SC Quashes Kerala Govt’s Appointment of Kannur Univ VC

The Supreme Court of India quashed the reappointment of Dr. Gopinath Raveendran as Vice-Chancellor of Kannur University. The court cited ‘unwarranted interference’ by the Kerala government in the process.

Shah Approves ₹1658-cr Plan for Rebuilding of Joshimath

Union Home Minister Amit Shah approved a ₹1658 crore Recovery and Reconstruction plan for Joshimath, Uttarakhand. This includes significant central assistance for rebuilding efforts following natural disasters.

NIT Srinagar Declares Winter Vacation Shuts Hostels Amid Protests

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar has declared a winter vacation and closed hostels amid protests. The decision follows unrest over content shared on social media that was deemed offensive.

Edu Min Pradhan Inaugurates KV in NIT Rourkela

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated a Kendriya Vidyalaya at NIT Rourkela, Odisha. This is part of an initiative to enhance educational facilities in the region.

Russia Eyeing Light Tank Infantry Vehicle Under Make-in-India Projects: Rostec CEO

Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec, announced Russia’s interest in partnering with India for the production of light tanks and infantry vehicles under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

LS Secy General Utpal Singh Gets One Yr Extension

Utpal Kumar Singh, Secretary General of the Lok Sabha, received a one-year extension in his tenure. This decision reflects confidence in his administrative capabilities.

Paras Dissolves Parliamentary Board of Party

Pashupati Kumar Paras, Union Minister, dissolved the parliamentary board of his Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party following internal disputes and organizational restructuring.

NCP Held Talks with BJP in 2017 on Sharad Pawar’s Orders: Ajit Camp

The Ajit Pawar-led faction of the NCP claimed that talks were held with the BJP for government formation in 2017, allegedly on orders from NCP president Sharad Pawar.

India’s G20 Presidency Draws to Close, Brazil to Take Over Today

India’s tenure as the G20 president is concluding, with notable achievements like the induction of the African Union as a permanent member. Brazil is set to take over the presidency.

Actis Unit BluPine Buys Acme Solar Assets for EV of ₹1700 cr

BluPine Energy, a unit of Actis, has acquired solar power assets from the Acme group for ₹1700 crore. This move signifies a significant investment in renewable energy.

Kaushik Khona Quits as the CEO of Go First

Kaushik Khona resigned as the CEO of Go First airline following the airline’s bankruptcy and inability to find bidders for revival.

Tough Placements Begin at IITs Today Amid Slowdown in Technology Sector

The Indian Institutes of Technology are facing challenging placement seasons due to a slowdown in the technology sector, affecting the prospects of the 2024 graduating class.

‘79% IT/ITeS Staff Foresee Increase in Apprentice Hiring’

A report indicates that about 79% of employers in the IT and ITeS industries expect an increase in apprentice hiring in the coming months, reflecting a positive outlook for skill development.

Tata Tech’s New Superhero on D-St

The share price of Tata Technologies, a company under the Tata Group, jumped significantly on the first day it was available to the public for trading. This dramatic increase in share value reflects strong investor confidence and positions the company as a major player in the IT industry.

Dual Settlement Plan may Trigger Arbitrage Bets

The introduction of two systems for settling stock trades on the same day or the next day might result in different stock prices based on the settlement timing. This could allow traders to profit from the price differences.

Strong US GDP Data Drives Rupee to a Fresh Low

The Indian currency depreciated due to robust economic growth in the US, which typically strengthens the dollar and affects currencies like the rupee.

SBI Plans AT-1 Bond Raise

SBI, one of India’s largest banks, is looking to issue special bonds to raise money, leveraging its strong position and investor trust.

Misunderstanding Leads to Stock Spike

Investors mistakenly associated a stock with a well-known entity, leading to a sudden spike in its value, demonstrating the impact of investor perceptions on stock prices.

Bandhan Bank’s Home Loan Portfolio Sale

The bank is selling part of its loan portfolio, possibly due to regulatory pressures and to manage its financial risks better.

India’s Credit Growth Moderates

The country’s lending to industries and consumers has decreased, possibly indicating a cautious approach by banks or a slowdown in economic activity.

Lending Rates Outpace Deposit Rates

Banks are charging more for loans compared to what they offer for deposits, which could impact consumers and savings rates.

CSB Bank Stake Retention

The bank’s main investor has been allowed to keep a larger share of ownership, which could affect its management and strategy.

FPIs Turn Bullish on Indian Equities

International investors are showing increased interest in India’s stock market, a sign of confidence in the Indian economy.

Client Associates Expects Overseas Investors to Double India Allocation

This projection suggests that international investors may double their financial commitments in India, reflecting confidence in the country’s economic growth and market potential.

TaMo’s Strong Performance and Future Prospects

The automotive company’s shares have been performing well, driven by solid operational strategies and potential debt-free status, indicating a positive outlook for investors.

Core Sector Growth in India

The jump in core sector productivity is a result of government investment in key areas, signaling strong economic activity and potential for future growth.

Auction of Critical Mineral Blocks in India

This move to auction valuable mineral resources indicates an effort to boost the country’s resource exploitation and economic development.

El Nino Threat to Rabi Crops

El Nino, a climatic phenomenon, could cause irregular weather patterns, potentially harming important agricultural yields, which is a concern for food security and the economy.

Positive Economic Growth Forecast for India

This optimistic forecast for economic growth is based on recent strong performance, suggesting resilience and potential in the Indian economy.

Finance Commission’s Terms of Reference

The ToR’s brevity is intended to provide flexibility and efficiency in financial governance, impacting how central and state governments share financial resources.

India’s Fiscal Deficit Trends

This data indicates the government’s borrowing and spending patterns, reflecting fiscal management and economic policy directions.

Changes in Real Estate Insolvency Rules

This potential policy shift might change how financial distress in real estate is managed, possibly affecting developers and investors.

India’s Role in Addressing Global Economic Challenges

India’s leadership in the G20 is expected to contribute significantly to addressing international economic challenges, highlighting its growing global influence.

Global Regulators and Climate Finance Standards

This highlights the need for unified global rules to ensure that investments labeled as environmentally friendly are genuinely beneficial, avoiding misleading claims about their environmental impact.

India to Monitor Recycled Textiles Trade

By keeping records of recycled textile trade, India aims to encourage sustainable practices in the textile industry and gauge the sector’s growth in eco-friendly production.

Restricted Export of Wheat, Rice

This move suggests a controlled approach to grain exports, likely aimed at maintaining domestic supply while fulfilling international commitments.

Fuel Price Revision Strategy in India

This potential change in pricing strategy indicates a response to fluctuating global oil prices, with implications for domestic fuel costs and economic stability.

Key Indian Cricketers to Miss Limited-Overs Series

This decision reflects a strategy to manage player workload and give opportunities to other team members in high-profile cricket matches.

India’s Strategy in the T20I against Australia

This highlights India’s tactical approach to exploiting an advantage in the international cricket series, focusing on team composition and strategy.

Galatasaray Draws with Manchester United

This result in a crucial football match impacts Manchester United’s chances of advancing in the Champions League, underscoring the competitiveness of the tournament.

Uganda Qualifies for T20 World Cup

This development in the cricket world highlights the changing dynamics and emerging talents in the sport, with implications for the upcoming world tournament.

Bangladesh in Control Against New Zealand in Test Cricket

This performance indicates Bangladesh’s strong position in the game, potentially shaping the outcome of the Test series.

Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi Renovated

This renovation reflects an investment in luxury hospitality, aiming to enhance the hotel’s appeal and maintain its prestigious status.

Bharti Airtel’s Spectrum Dues Prepayment Plans

This strategic financial move by one of India’s leading telecom operators aims to manage its debt obligations more effectively, reflecting its operational and financial planning.

Dixon Technologies Expands Manufacturing in India

This expansion by Dixon Technologies signifies growth in India’s manufacturing sector and its attractiveness to global tech companies like Xiaomi, highlighting India’s role in the global supply chain.

Aster DM Healthcare Seeks Private Equity for Indian Operations

This decision is part of the healthcare company’s strategy to expand and strengthen its footprint in the Indian market, indicating the sector’s growth potential and investor interest.

Indian Drug Companies’ Misuse of Industrial Excipients

This revelation raises concerns about quality and safety standards in the pharmaceutical industry in India, calling for stricter regulation and compliance.

PVR Inox’s Strong Q4 Expectations

This forecast suggests a recovery and growth in the cinema exhibition sector, highlighting the impact of film industry trends on related businesses.

Record Hiring in Indian Banks

This trend indicates a robust banking sector in India, potentially driven by digital transformation and expanding financial services, reflecting economic growth and job creation.

Tata Coffee’s Expansion in Vietnam

This move by Tata Coffee signifies its commitment to growing its global footprint and catering to increasing demand, underscoring the company’s strategic growth initiatives.

Legal Suit Against Piramal Pharma’s US Arm

This legal challenge for Piramal Pharma highlights the complexities and risks involved in international business partnerships and agreements.

Forecast for Two-Wheeler Sales in India

This projection indicates a cautious optimism in the two-wheeler market, reflecting consumer sentiment and economic factors influencing vehicle sales.

Amazon India’s Top-level Organizational Changes

This organizational reshuffle at Amazon India suggests a strategic shift or realignment to meet evolving business goals and market dynamics in the e-commerce sector.



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